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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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both at home and on all other battle-fronts, helping thus considerably in
the common victory.
*c 5. In spite of the unyielding attitude of the whole Polish Nation^
enormous sacrifices and the great part taken in war-efforts, the three Great
Powers at the Conference at Yalta took decisions threatening the territorial
integrity of the Polish State and excluding the free will of the nation to
decide their own fate, the form of their government and the relationship of
the Polish State with other countries. In the Declaration of 13th February,
1945, the Polish Government categorically protested against those decisions,
declaring that they cannot bind the Polish Nation deprived of the right of
the free expression of its people's opinion.
" 6. Despite the protest made by the Polish Government and contrary
to all principles of international law and to the Declaration solemnly
signed by the United Nations, a Committee, composed of the Foreign
Minister of a country that has annexed nearly half of the whole territory of
Poland and the Ambassadors of Great Britain and the U.S. A,, had been
authorised to sanction a psuedo-government imposed on the Polish Nation
which is at present under the occupation of an alien army and an alien
political police. An agency, created by the annexing Power under the form
of so-called " Provisional Polish Government/' and, in fact, based on the
Communist Party., being only but a negligible part of the PcUsh Society,
is to be sanctioned by the United Nations and is to have the right of repre-
senting the Polish Nation.
"7. In order to keep the appearance of a free expression of the Polish
Nation, they brought to Moscow^ besides the representatives of the Com-
munist administration imposed on Poland, some Poles, who have no
authority to represent the Polish Nation. Simultaneously with the con-
sultations on the formation of the ' Government of National Unity * there
took place in Moscow, in violation of the elementary principles of justice
and righteousness, an illegal trial of the treacherously arrested leaders of
the Polish Underground Movement. As the leaders of the struggle of the
Polish Nation against Germany and as representatives of the democratic
parties, those men, together with the legal Polish Government in London,
are representatives of the Polish Nation until such time as genuinely free
elections are held. Such elections would be possible only after the with-
drawal of the army of occupation and political police from the Polish terri-
tory and on the condition that all the political parties of the Polish Under-
ground and all the Polish citizens who are temporarily abroad owing to
war circumstances could take part in it.
" 8. The only legal Polish Government, legally constituted by the
President of the Polish Republic^ universally recognised and independent,
state hereby that the * Provisional Polish Government of National Unity'
is illegal and cannot be on her own will recognised by the Polish Nation.
It was created on a basis without precedent, while the whole Polish territory
was occupied by the Soviet troops and while the Poles were deprived of the
essential rights of citizenship.
" 9. The Polish Government declares that it will hand over its authority
solely to a government which has been formed on free Polish soil and one
which reflects the will of the people as expressed in free elections."
The President of the Polish Republic in his proclamation announced
that he would transfer his "inalienable and unalterable rights to his
successor only when conditions in Poland permit the free expression of
the national will."